Moving Michigan Forward: State Thought Leaders Helping Michigan Find Answers

December 7, 2012
by John Warbach, Lual Deng Awan, Anita Blount, Jennifer Byle, Jonathan Dworin, Jessica Getschman, Celeste Holtz, Christopher Hughes, Stephanie Kozak, Brett Lowell, Linda Luoma, Tory Niewiadomski, Michael Raley and Kelly Richardson

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Ideas from 14 Michigan thought leaders on how the state can move forward, is available for review in a new MSU Land Policy Institute special report: Moving Michigan Forward: State Thought Leaders on Helping Michigan Find Answers. The report highlights important strategies and recommendations and advice for the state in the areas of:

  • Knowledge and Attitudes among Leaders and Citizens Affects the State’s Future;
  • Making Places that Will Attract People and Economic Growth;
  • Working Regionally;
  • Detroit and Its Region;
  • The Green Economy; and
  • Retooling and Reinvesting in Michigan’s Places.

During the 2010 Fall semester, Michigan State University students enrolled in the ESA 450: Smart Growth and Strategic Land Use Decision-Making course were asked to interview the leaders as part of a semester project on such topics as economic development, land use, the environment, urban design, government and social justice. The course was taught by Soji Adelaja, PhD, John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in Land Policy; and John Warbach, LPI associate director.

The Michigan leaders interviewed included: