A Vision for Flint Park Lake & Adjoining Neighborhoods in the City of Flint, Michigan

June 6, 2014
by Jason Cox, Pardeep Toor and Mark Wyckoff

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The MSU Land Policy Institute’s Planning & Zoning Center partnered with community leaders to host multiple community engagement efforts in the neighborhoods surrounding Flint Park Lake in Flint, MI. The resulting input, feedback and insight from the community was compiled into a Vision for the neighborhoods that complements existing efforts in the area and the larger Flint Master Plan.

The Vision is centered on three principal goals: 

  • Recreation improvements; 
  • Neighborhood stabilization and targeted redevelopment; and
  • Improved water quality. 

The three goals are split into 33 action steps that are recommended for completion in four different time frames: Short-term (one to two years and three to five years); long-term (six to10 years and 11–15 years).

The Vision also outlines stakeholder responsibilities for the implementation of the plan. Implementation will require a concerted and cooperative effort from many existing stakeholders and organizations currently working in the area along with the City of Flint and Genesee County. This Vision attempts to summarize the current efforts of existing stakeholders, the momentum building from current projects, and opportunities for future improvements.