Two teams from Michigan State University receive NACDEP awards

posted on August 2, 2016 11:30am

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The National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP) recently held their annual conference Jun. 26-29, 2016, in Burlington, VT. Every year, they recognize community and economic development extension professionals with national and regional awards during this event. These awards recognize a NACDEP member or group of members who have developed an outstanding effort or program that ensures meaningful diversity and inclusiveness.

This year, the Michigan State University team that co-authored the guidebook titled Placemaking as an Economic Development Tool received two NACDEP awards. The MSU team that worked on projects related to the MIplace Initiative also received two awards. The awards presented are as follows:

  • NACDEP Educational Materials Awards: Individual or Team: The Placemaking Guidebook team received second place for the national award and first place for the Region – North Central award. The guidebook team included the Land Policy Institute’s Mark Wyckoff; and MSU Extension’s Glenn Pape, Brad Neumann and Kurt Schindler. This award recognizes members who have developed outstanding materials that educate through credible, accurate, concise information.
  • NACDEP Excellence in Community Development Work Awards: Team: The MIplace Initiative team received second place in both the national and Region – North Central awards. This team included MSU Extension’s Brad Neumann, Wayne Beyea, Glenn Page, Kurt Schindler and Dean Solomon; and LPI’s Mark Wyckoff. This award recognizes outstanding programs in any aspect of community development work or for program accomplishments relative to scholarly and creative activities, teaching and/or research effectiveness, and to show evidence of collaboration with others who help meet community development needs.

Please join us in congratulating these teams on their awards and efforts!