Atlanta Region Developing More Walkable Urban Places

posted on June 26, 2015 11:46am

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By: James Brasuell, Planetizen

The Atlanta metropolitan area is bucking the trends established by its recent history of sprawling development by building a majority of its new developments as walkable urban places.

The Atlanta region is kicking butt with walkable urban developments,” according to a post by Darin, also known as the ATL Urbanist.

“A full 50 percent of new properties developed in the Atlanta region from 2009-2014 happened in walkable urban places…it also shows a much bigger jump between that time period versus what was happening in 1992-2000, when the Atlanta region was really lagging behind and producing a lot of new construction in sprawling patterns.”

The data comes from a recent report on Walkable Urban Places (WalkUPs) focusing on Michigan, but is certainly notable for the trends occurring in Atlanta (though for the record, the study in question, authored by LOCUS, finds that WalkUPs are reaching “deep into the heartland of Michigan). The same series of reports focuses on Atlanta in 2013, which found at the time that Atlanta was doing well in developing more office spaces in walkable urban spaces.