Interim Director’s Message

Dr. Scott WitterDr. Scott G. Witter
MSU Professor, Interim Director of the MSU Land Policy Institute, and Director of the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction

Welcome to the Land Policy Institute at
Michigan State University

The Land Policy Institute is a unique university-based organization devoted to basic and applied research, as well as outreach and community engagement in the critical areas of land use, land policy and strategic regional planning. As a basic resource of society, land and its management by society has become key in shaping the future of our communities, states and nation, including such fundamental building blocks as housing and mixed-use, access to food, transportation, energy production, entrepreneurship, recreation, water quality, access to amenities, service sharing, community development in both urban and rural areas, natural resources, placemaking, walkability, and sustainable community infrastructure.

Our agenda is set on a set of clearly defined research and outreach priorities. A critical step has been to create clear and mutually beneficial partnerships with our sister centers and institutes at MSU that are working in land policy issues related to sustainable urban and rural environments. At the same time, we will faculty from key departments and schools to help facilitate research and the submission of relevant external grants. Our stakeholders are critical to how we focus our research and outreach missions, which we feel are crucial to address societal issues in Michigan, the nation and globally framed in the context of sustainable urban and rural environments.

Our work builds on research and outreach programs, projects and initiatives at LPI that have focused on place and placemaking, walkability and other relevant policy alternatives that have reflected the core of our work.

We are very proud of our past work and excited to help build capacity at MSU, and together tackle the wicked problems that face us all. We seek to continue this work and make a meaningful impact on the State of Michigan and our stakeholders.

We welcome input that will make LPI more relevant and help us build the new partnerships.