• Creative Placemaking is applicable to all types and sizes of communities

    Creative Placemaking is applicable to all types and sizes of communities

    While some communities may be unaware of the focus of arts and culture in their area, placemaking can be a way to highlight the diverse ways that places of all sizes can find their unique assets and give them an identity. From large, high-traffic places to small rural towns and trails, Creative Placemaking techniques allow communities to add to the sense of place through public art, such as sculptures, murals and more. The Placemaking Guidebook discusses Creative Placemaking in much greater detail, especially Chapter 11, which includes more information about ArtPrize, the “Washington” sculpture and the Trufant Stump Fences). More information on Campus Martius is also available in Chapter 1.

  • Save the date: Planning & Zoning Center to host 9th annual Zoning Administrator Certificate Program

    Save the date: Planning & Zoning Center to host 9th annual Zoning Administrator Certificate Program

    Since 2009, the MSU Planning & Zoning Center (PZC), a part of the MSU Land Policy Institute, has held the Zoning Administrator Certificate (ZAC) Program. The certificate-based training is recommended for all new and current Zoning Administrators, along with private consultants and county planners who consult with local zoning administrators. The next Training Program will take place in Plymouth at the Hilton Garden Inn, Feb. 15-16, 2017. This is a major change in format as previously the program was held three full days and now, in 2017, it will only be held for two full days.

  • LPI hits the road

    The Land Policy Institute hits the road this fall and will be presenting at a couple upcoming conferences.

    First, Mark Wyckoff, LPI’s senior associate director and director of the Planning & Zoning Center at MSU was invited to speak at the Council of Michigan Foundations 44th Annual Conference, which takes place Sept. 18-20, 2016, at the Ann Arbor Marriott in Ypsilanti. With a focus on “Think Boldly. Act Urgently.” This event will offer dynamic programming, thought-provoking speakers and a chance to network with peers at the largest statewide philanthropic conference in the nation. This year, the conference features more than 35 breakout sessions focusing on urgent issues and bold actions, along with a return of Big Thoughts, Quick Talks to enable engagement with experts in a casual setting.

  • LPI and SPDC co-sponsor Neighborhoods in America’s Legacy Cities: A Dialogue in Detroit in September

    Join an interdisciplinary meeting in Detroit Sept. 13-16, 2016, to discuss the role of historic preservation in revitalizing America’s legacy cities, where long-term population loss and economic decline present significant challenges for the future of the urban built environment. . . The 2016 Dialogue in Detroit Conference is presented by the State Historic Preservation Office, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and Wayne State University; and is co-sponsored by the MSU Land Policy Institute and the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction. Preservationists, community developers, economic developers, urban planners, urban policy makers, urban designers and others are invited to cross-collaborate, share ideas and devise solutions with the goals of launching a more integrated approach to planning for the future of Legacy Cities, bringing historic preservation into urban policymaking and crafting a 21st century preservation profession that is responsive to the needs and conditions of Legacy Cities.